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this year empty city coffers and high unemployment have threatened to turn the lights out on this beloved tradition. >> you get into an idea like putting up christmas decorations, there are a lot of people that would argue that's something you can do without. >> reporter: the city has cut the holiday decorating budget by two-thirds. without the traditional lights and displa os wostomould go elsewher >> it camos and it makes people want to come to the town anpeople wano >> repo: it stohe communit forrim tree on trimmer budgets. in orlando, florida, the annual downtown christmas tree nearly got the ax until donors agreed to pick up the $22,000 bill. in fresno, california, the usually elaborate city hall display is this year decidedly modest. >> it was a beautiful tree, but at the same time, the cost of keeping it up, and especially with all the layoffs with the city hall, i think it's too much this year. >> reporter: to keep main street aglow, batavia is stepping up as a community.
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shop owners are decorating their storefronts on their own, and residents are donating their time and money to business leaders. >> people have been leaving lights on my front porch. i come home from work and there's a bag of lights. literally i had people calling me up and pulling out dollar bills and saying, "here, here's for the effort." >> reporter:lue christmas could end up bein one >> with th contributions we've gotten, we may at the end of the day here have more lights burning than maybe we've ever had. >> in this town there's a lot of soul and a lot of heart, and it's exciting we're all going just moments away, more scrutiny for metro after another train collision. >> democrats forge ahead despite a lack of votes. it is the health-care overhaul. >> things are tight.
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>> shoppers law gone for cyber monday. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. thank you for joining us. hope you have a nice, long weekend. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> washington gets back to work. here is brian van de graaff. >> good morning. we are fairly mild. temperatures in the 50's are across the area. i will tell you that temperatures are probably going to peak in the 50's today. we will see cooler weather and the chance of showers. scattered light rain temperatures falling back into the 40's tomorrow. the sunshine will return. >> good morning.
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glad you are here. we will get back to our routine as far as traffic in town and around town. the pavement is dry so far. this is the pace of traffic. southbound 270 here at father hurley boulevard. we will go to virginia. we're good on 66. this is traffic on 95 in springfield. now we'll go back to the news desk and sycamore into alison and doug. two metro trains have collided. >> no passengers were on board at the time. it happened early sunday morning at the west falls church rail yard. kathy park has more. this is raising more safety questions for passengers. >> another crash and metro riders think back to a crash in
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june that killed nine riders. no passengers were on board at west falls chur. the question of safety is on the minds of metro riders after another collision on the track. it happened early sunday morning. as the train was headed in for cleaning, a crashed into another train. it sent three employees to the hospital with injuries. the cost for the damage, $9 million. " we're doing everything we can to conduct this investigation. we will look at other incidents that happened as well to see if they will be related. >> "the washington post" report said two of the twocars are beyond repair -- that two of the
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three cars are beyond repair. customers have made changes since that day. >> i ride in the middle of the train now. >> according to metro, the older cars derled and were in the middle of the train, not at the point of contact. it could take several days until we find out what exactly happened. kathy park, abc 7 news. police say an ellicott city man was drunk when he crashed his trunk and killing a teenage pastor. this happened yesterday. steven dankos was killed. he was vice star football player at river hill high school. the driver, david erdman, is being charged with negligent homicide. his brother was in the truck at the time and is in critical
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condition. investigators are trying to find -- there was a fire. investigators are saying if anyone was inside when an explosion curred. firefighters were not injured. no residents were inside that home. we are following breaking news. montgomery county police are investigating a deadly accident. a motorcycle and a car collided this morning near avery road in rockville. avery road is shut down while police continue to investigate. senate begins what could be a long debate on the health care overhaul. the 60 votes are not there anymore. some democrats say they will not
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support a bill with outsider bans on abortion. republicans are unanimous in their opposition to that bill. senators are calling for criminal charges against the virginia couple of a crashed the state dinner at the white house. evan bayh and jon kyl say the white house needs to make an example of them. >> you need a strong deterrent against this kind of thing. these people did not tell the truth about their invitation. they should be in some way brought to justice here. >> michaele and tareq salahi were allowed into the white house even though their names were not on the guest list. they are now peddling their story to the highest bidder. there is a white house review. tiger woods said he does or
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crashed outside his house was his fault. police have released 911 call for neighbors moments after the crash. woods' suv slammed into a fire hydrant and a tree. woods calls rumors unfounded and malicious. the redskins ran out the steam. the philadelphia eagles staged a late comeback in be to redskin'' 27-24. their residents fall to 3-8. jason campbell had one of the best games of the season so far. we'll have highlights and reaction later in sports.
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>> they were doing pretty well for most of the game. seven minutes after the hour, 55 degrees. >> holiday shoppers are logging on for savings. we will check that what to expect on this cyr monday. >> a manhunt for a cop killer. people are looking for a person of interest in a shooting that left four police officers dead. >> we will check the forecast. left four police officers dead. >> we will check the forecast.
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5:10 on this monday as washington gets back to work, a few pounds heavier. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> brian is in this morning with the latest on a monday forecast. yesterday was fantastic. >> spectacular. 68 degrees at dulles airport yesterday. this morning, we are mild, mid 50's. there will be some changes. look at the storm scan. clouds will thicken. showers will develop. the forecast, upper 50's. temperatures will drop.
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we'll talk about a cooler but sunnier day tomorrow. lisa baden, traffic should be light now. >> i certainly hope so. we will find a lot of blues or use it vacationers. traffic patterns will start to change. -- will find a lot of loosuse it or ose iuse it vacationers. this is to get into montgomery county on 270. everything looks like it is moving nicely around the beltway. nothing in northeast. southeast looks time. troubled times are normal between richmond and baltimore. >> thank you. 5:12, 55 degrees. >> will wall street find comfort in the holiday shopping season? >> new developments from the
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police ambush in washington state. police may have a person of interest cornered. police may have a person of interest cornered. but we're also in the showing-kids- new-worlds business. and the startup-capital- for-barbers business. and the this-won't- hurt-a-bit business. because we don't just work here. we live here. these are our families. and our neighbors. and by changing lives we're in more than the energy business we're in the human energy business. chevron. remember when connections to the internet sounded like this - when high speed internet was out of reach of most american families and small businesses? as recently as the year 2000, only three percent of american families had high speed internet. then competition drove innovation - spurred private investment, and the internet took off - at record breaking speeds. at at&t we're taking the lead -
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studies show that people who eat more whole grain tend to have a healthier body weight. multigrain cheerios has five whole grains... and 110 calories per lightly sweetened serving. more grains. less you. multigrain cheerios. >> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. in our top stories, metro is investigating another train collision. three workers were hurt when a train ran into the back of a parked train at the west falls church rail europe. no passengers were on board. the crashed destroyed three train cars and caused at least $9 million in damages. >> police in washington state are in a standoff with a person of interest in the shooting
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death of four police officers. maurice clemmons is said to be holed up inside his home. the officers were gunned down at a coffee shop yesterday morning. >> hondurans have a new president. voters turned out in droves. he has over 55% with over half the votes counted. the president was ousted in may coup in june. today is cyber monday. experts believe this could attract 100 million shoppers. nearly nine at of 10 retailers are offering deals online. consumers have been mostly sticking to their list and focusing on practical items. >> i did not think we are as frivolous. we're paying attention to the
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price tag. we're looking forward to these sales and starting to take advantage of these sales. >> overall holiday sales will be down 1% from last year. we will have a live report on cyber monday coming up later in this newscast. >> the connecticut had a better day for shopping. you wanted to stay outside yesterday. -- you could not have had a better date for shopping yesterday. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. out in san diego, all of the malls are outside. we could have used that yesterday. >> yesterday was pretty decent here. we will find out from brian as far as today. what is happening on the highways is not much. we will give you green lights on the dulles greenway and 270. nothing complicated on the beltway between the american
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legion bridge and the wilson bridge. >> we are 54 right now in upper marlboro. 55 in the district. we're pretty mild this morning. you wind will be out of the southwest. temperatures will drop back this afternoon as the front swings through. you do see it moisture that is working its way in from the west. we will continue to see the clouds thicken up. some of the moisture will develop around that area. it will be a fairly mild start to the day. uppe50's. we're typically around 52 today. it will be fairly gray with some showers developing. low 50's's by this afternoon. sunshine on wednesday. -- low 50's by this afternoon.
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falling back into the mid 40's by friday. >> thank you. the airforce + playstation. and shopping with a smart phone. jeremy hubbard has more. >> more shoppers are dialing up holiday savings. people were using smart phones to finding store locations to buying gifts. retailers are mking it easier to shop by phone. nearly 20% of americans say they will use their mobile device for shopping this holiday season. booklovers hoping to get hands on the nook have to wait longer. now the device will not arrive until next monday. the chain is focusing on filling pre orders first. people want to make sure they get fair nook by christmas.
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others will receive a after the week of a january 4. the air force is planning to buy 2200 ps-3 to expand an existing super commuter run by the council. the military is using it because it is cheaper than other options. the perfect gadget for people who cannot stand it when the coffee gets cold. he keeps your beverage and a comfortable temperature. it runs on a rechargeable battery and to be plugged into an ac outlet. cost $37 and is available online. it begins shipping and the next couple of weeks. for more information, log onto the tech page at those are your tech bytes. i'm jeremy hubbard. >> it would be interesting to see if that works. i have a friend who has a coffee
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warmer but she says it tastes metallic. 20 minutes after the hour. we have about 55 degrees. >> with the game on the line, the redskins foaled in philly. we will tell you what the defense gets the blame. >> later on "oprah," it is a holiday music extravaganza. hear her favorite new songs for the holiday season.
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welcome back, everybody. in anoer season with a different record, the redskins' fourth quarter flopped in philly would of had much more coverage. this year, the loss does not merit more than a shrug. the skins lose as expected. the redskins led by 8 in the final frame. the eagles drove down to win with a field goal. >> they made plays at the end. ey deserve to win. we had to score on the last drive. we didn't get the fourth and one. >> the redskins dropped to 3-8 with undefeated new orleans coming up next.
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>> nobody knew quite what to expect from the third string quarterback of the steelers. the young quarterback did pretty well, at least until overtime. and then baltimore picked him up and the ravens prevailed 20- 17. the university of virginia's football team is looking for a new head coach. al grah is been fired. their record under al groh is 1- 8 against virginia tech. wall street is watching consumer spending. we have more. could see you. el -- good to see you, ellen braitman. >> right now, and looks like we could open about.
5:27 am
to% lower. is a stop to watch. national retail federation ying they expect almost 97 million shoppers to shop online today. it would be a 14% increase from last year. internet spending was up 11% the day after thanksgiving. spending in stores was up a scant 0.5% compared to last year. most of the gains came from sales out west. sales were up. 6% in the midwest. they felt almost 5% in the east. the situation in dubai, people are breathing a sigh of relief. it could default on billions of dollars of debt payments after a big crash in the real estate market.
5:28 am
the central bank is easing credit for lenders. it is helping to ease concern about a default. that is business news. i am ellen braitman reporting for abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. we have 55 degrees. the news continues. >> war strategy. the president holds one last meeting about the future of the fight in afghanistan. >> a college project status help thousands of women in our area. will introduce you to the working woman who made it all possible. >> a cold front will bring an abrupt end to the mild weather we had over the weekend. abrupt end to the mild weather we had over the weekend.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. welcome back to "good morning washington." 5:30 is your time on this monday morning. i'm alison starling. >> and i'm doug mckelway. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes.
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did everybody have a nice holiday weekend? >> we were here. we've missed you. >> i wish i could say i missed you. >> good, good. >> save the best for last. >> yesterday was a gorgeous. >> the rain will move in and then tomorrow will be closer to 50. but the weekend, the sunshine will move back but we may not be out of the 40's. 52 is your average stay. take a look at the cold front, the blue line off to the west. it is moving to the east. the wind will shift. temperatures in the low 50's. upper 50's by lunchtime. cooler air will drop temperatures back. how are things moving on this monday? >> slowly, according to callers.
5:33 am
nothing complicated in and out of baltimore along 95. the approach to northwest is good vacation leave river road. nothing on canal road. good on the george washington parkway in both directions. on 210 , things are open up to the bridge. just the volume on 95 northbound in virginia heading up to the beltway will go live here at new hampshire avenue. now, brian van de graaff. actually, i will take it. police in washington state are on the hunt for a cop killer. they have surrounded a home of a person of interest and using loudspeakers to try to coax him out. the man has a lengthy criminal
5:34 am
record. >> police inestern washington searched a new area overnight for maurice clemmons, a person of interest in the fatal shootings of four police officers. >> they weren't even on the job. there were just trying to have their morning cup of coffee. >> investigators say the gunmen walked up and shot and killed the four officers. all the officers were w earing bulletproof vests. >> this was more of an execution. >> employees at the coffee shop work on harm. >> the coffee shop is a safe haven. it is not supposed to be the scene of a tragedy. >> one of the officers managed to return fire before he died. >> anyone with a gunshot wound
5:35 am
will have to get that taken care of some place. >> police are searching for the suspect. fire fighters displayed a huge american flag. >> this is an example of the cost that is sometimes paid for people who believed in duty and obligation and sacrifice and people who do that on behalf of the community. >> the person of interest, maurice clemmons, is said to have a lengthy record. linsey davis, abc news. metro is investigating another collision between two trains. this was at the west falls church will your. it happened early yesterday morning. no passengers were on board at the time. all the trains have been operating manually since the crash in june.
5:36 am
ridership has continued to drop. the average weekday ridership fell 1.4% in october. writers are also taking shorter train trips. metro is facing a $22.6 million budget shortfall. there could be fare increases and service ts in the future. a man is free on bond after an accident that killed a teenager driving in his truck. david erdman crashed his truck yesterday in ellicott city. steven dankos 17-steven was killed. he was a football player at river hill high school. -- 17-year-old steven dankos was killed. >> the boy is going to have punishment enough.
5:37 am
i lost my heart. >> police say dankos was thrown from the bed they pick up. edrman suffered minor injuries. his brother is now in critical condition pre the senate opens what could be a long debate on the health care bill. democrats need 60 votes for it to pass. lawmakers are planning to introduce dozens of amendments including abortion and taxes. harry reid is hoping to get a final vote before the end of the year. some say the current bill should be thrown out and redone. the president will announce his strategy for the war in afghanistan tomorrow night. he is expected to announce at least 30,000 more troops will have to the war so. some lawmakers worry about the
5:38 am
price of an expanded war. will cost $1 million a year for every additional soldier. q obama administration plans to launch new steps to battle the foreclosure crisis. what mortgage companies to do more to help people stay in their homes. the want to increase the rate for these loans. mortgage firm's lagging in that area will be named. fairfax and loudoun counties are considering adding a tax on restaurant meals. people will be willing to pay more when dining out to avoid cuts for schools and parks. these include arlington and falls church that already have this meal tax. a neew law banning smoking
5:39 am
takes effect tomorrow. smoking rooms wil be a allowable under this ban. 5:37. we have 55 degrees in rosslyn. >> tiger woods in his own words. he calls his wife courageous after his car crashed and why he canceled another meeting with police. >> for shoppers who do not want to wait on line, you can go online today. i will love more on cyber monday coming up. >> brian and lisa will have a check on the back to work weather forecast and how the trfic looks.
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(dial-up modem) remember when connections to the internet sounded like this - when high speed internet was out of reach of most american families and small businesses? as recently as the year 2000, only three percent of american families had high speed internet. then competition drove innovation - spurred private investment, and the internet took off - at record breaking speeds. at at&t we're taking the lead - investing some thirty-eight billion dollars in our wired and wireless networks over the past two years. last year alone we invested more than any other public company in america.
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and at at&t we support a national plan that makes high speed internet available to every american family in the next five years - because we know that now is not the time to stall momentum or to stifle innovation or investment. the future is at stake, and at at&t, the future has always been and at at&t, the future has always been our business. at&t... your world... delivered. >> i majored earl -- i am major earl fitzgerald with the salvation army. good morning, washington! and welcome back to "good morning washington" on an early monday morning. we're checking in at 5:41 as you get ready for your next day at
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work. we hope you have some more vacation days to use. the clouds are rolling in. it is not raining yet. temperatures ranging from mid 50's. 53 in waldorf. showers will be developing through the afternoon. temperatures will drop back later in the day as the cool air moves in from the north. >> so far, so good. we are in pretty good shape. we're noticing the volume is starting to increase. travel times are in your favor. on 66, so far so good out of centreville to get to the beltway. 95 in virginia northbound, heavier volume spotted and 610 and then again through woodbridge. we're good on route 5, route 4.
5:44 am
taking you live to traffic moving nicely here at new hampshire avenue of the beltway. >> thank you. 55 degrees outside. 5:42. >> the mystery deepens. tiger woods breaks his silence. details are very hard to come by. >> we have new details in the fight over iran's nuclear program.
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( children giggling ) sometimes, if you wish hard enough, you get exactly what you want for christmas. welcome to christmas town -- a busch gardens celebration. tickets available now at >> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. welcome back, everybody. checking our top stories. police in washington state are now in a standoff with a person of interest in the shooting deaths of four police officers.
5:48 am
shots have been reportedly fired at the home where maurice clemmons is reportedly holed up inside. >> metro is investigating a collision at a rail yard the injured three workers over the weekend. a train rear -ended another car. no passengers were on board. >> iran plans to expand its nuclear program. mahmoud ahmadinejad says construction on 10 new nuclear plants will begin in two and spree this comes days after a u.n. watchdog demanded they haul construction of a new enrichment facility. will holiday cheer carry over to cyber monday? philip stewart has more with
5:49 am
what people find when they log on for more. >> millions of americans will point and click for the beginning of the online shopping season. has a home page dedicated specifically to cyber monday deals. today's shoppers can expect some discounts and some messages on facebook and twitter. today not have the pre-dawn dramatics of black friday. it is important for shoppers who are all looking for one thing. >> sales. everything of that is on sale. >> with nine out of 10 retailers offering sdeals on the web, this year's cyber money could attract 100 million shoppers. most retailers plan to lure
5:50 am
shoppers with special deals that include one-day sales. >> i do not think we're as frivolous. we're paying attention to the price tag. we are starting to take advantage of the sales. >> there is mixed news from the g195 million people were expectd to shop. that was way up from last year, but each person spent about $30 less. >> you have to shop wisely. >> cyber monday is not the busiest online shopping day of the year. that is typically the first monday of december. the second monday in december is when retailers offer more dramatic deals. philip stewart, abc 7 news. >> i do think the only downside
5:51 am
is the shipping. if they pay for that, you have it made. >> you do not have to look for parking place. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> brian is standing by. yesterday was so great. >> we will have similar mild air in place. we're not going to see upper 60's again for a while. that was a rare treat. we have many weekends were half as nice and have physical. 54 at ocean city. 57 at thomas. -- f. thomas opint. -- 57 at thomas point. there is the line of showers. we have a mostly cloudy day.
5:52 am
showers will develop across the area. temperatures will peak around lunchtime. then they will start to drop back as the cooler air starts to kick in. light rain and showers as we go through the day. the temperature is dropping back tomorrow. loss of sunshine. a drop of temperatures back into the weekend. maine 40's. let's check on traffic. >> let's zoom on over to the camera right away to show you things are moving nicely out of gaithersburg on 270. plenty of traffic with had platheadlights to get up to springfield. good on 28, route 7 and nothing to report on the toll road. alison and doug? investigators are examining 911 tapes from the incident
5:53 am
involving tiger was. he has cancelled meetings three times with florida state police. his suv crashed into a tree. a neighbor called 911 just moments after the accident. the accident has fueled rumors alleging he was having an affair with a nightclub hostess. in a statement, he said the many unfounded rumors that are circulating about my family and me are irresponsible. >> i read that statement on this website in full. he is angry at those rumors. he is very vague and says, it is all my fault." but he does not say what he did. >> and he does not have to talk
5:54 am
to police. he has not talked to them three times. he does not have to. >> the rumors will continue to swirl. >> the rumors will continue to swirl. 5:52.
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it's time for holiday bargain hunting. which requires a razor sharp eye and blazing speed. especially if you're shopping for a chevy. can we speed this up? not only do they come with the best deals of the year, they come with the best coverage in america. you snooze you lose. hey! i'll take it!
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let the chevy red tag event begin. now during the chevy red tag event, get 0 percent apr for 72 months on most '09 models. see red and save green. now at your local chevy dealer. i work for a global leader that offers a great start right out of college. that puts everything within my reach. that respects and welcomes my point of view. i work for a global leader that is guided by integrity. and powered by innovation. i work for lockheed martin. multiple voices lockheed martin. when you join one of the world's leading technology employers, you will discover everything is possible. this morning we will introduce you to a working woman who was a dedicated her life to helping others. >> she has helped tens of thousands of people.
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>> she knows her work is making a difference in d.c. neighborhoods. she says there's still a long way to go. >> we work with some of the most impoverished families in amera. >> she started a program when she was a she wasyale. she helps to guide needy families out of poverty and finds long-term employment and housing. she says college students of the perfect volunteers. >> there is incredible talent. there are willing to work and they deploy it on behalf of families. you can make a big impact. >> she says lift has helped 30,000 people across the east coast. >> it has been a hard year for everyone in this country,
5:58 am
needless to say. we have seen a spike in demand for our services. but also a different demographic of families. >> she was just named one of greater d.c. cares for her philanthropy and says she cannot imagine a more fulfilling or challenging work. >> it is rare to have a chance to live every hour of my day with a purpose. i could not imagine doing anything else. >> they require a lot of aining and time from his college volunteers. she said despite that, 80% stay with it for their entire four years. >> she is right about their enthusiasm. it is a wonderful thing. a great pool of applicants. there is a lot more still to come in our second hour. crest a powerful explosion sent
5:59 am
eight people to the hospital and closes a virginia school. we'll show you what happened there. >> another metro collision. i will tell you what happened coming up in a live report. >> lisa baden will be back with another look at your morning commute.

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